Afyon Sugar Turkish Marble

Afyon Sugar Turkish Marble is one of the oldest and well known Turkish Marbles. It [...]

Bosphorus Limestone

Bosphorus Limestone is a cool gray limestone.  Bosphorus Limestone blocks are medium [...]

Champagne Limestone

Champagne Limestone is one of the most consistent limestone available in the World. [...]

Cottage Stone Tiles

Cottage Stone Tiles has a finely textured surface and slightly chiseled edges. [...]

Dimensions Waterjet Marble

Dimensions Waterjet Marble is available in a variety of shapes like arabesque, [...]

Full Grain Stone Tiles

Full Grain Stone Tiles, the legendary application of open spaces... the exact [...]

Landscape Stone

There are many fine uses of Turkish natural stone but an under appreciated one is as [...]

Leathered Stone Tile

Tureks Leathered Stone Tile textures capture the reclaimed stone of your imagination [...]

Paradise Turkish Marble

Tureks Paradise Turkish Marble Collection places nature’s serenity right at your [...]

Walnut Dark Turkish Travertine

The Tureks Walnut Dark Turkish Travertine Tile Collection combines art and [...]