A Brand in Marble and Turkish Marble: Tureks

Limestone and minerals, shaped by nature in millions of years, meet art. Marble, which has been ornamenting people’s houses and buildings for centuries, has become an indispensable decoration element by being processed and transformed into products. Turkey accounts for a large portion of the world’s production and export of marble. Turkish Marble has thus become a worldwide brand. Tureks takes pride in contributing to this achievement as a leading manufacturer and exporter of marble in Turkey.

Tureks is at an important point in the marble production that it started in 1982. Our products from our quarries in Afyonkarahisar are presented to the world as Turkish Marble, Turkish Onyx, Turkish Travertine, and Turkish Limestone. We contribute to architectural decorations all over the world with our production of marble tiles and marble plates. With more than 200 employees on five continents worldwide, we ensure that Turkish Marble makes a name for itself by being used in homes, schools, universities, commercial constructions and government buildings in many countries.

Marble Types

Some of the marble types we produce as Tureks are as follows:

  • Polished Turkish Marble: It is a type of marble created by polishing Turkish marble types and obtaining a shiny surface. Our collection includes Polished Turkish Marble in different names such as Skyline, Diana Royal, Snow White, and Aspen White.
  • Onyx: Onyx, also known as Egyptian alabaster, has been an indispensable product of decoration for thousands of years. As it is able to transmit light up to a certain extent, reflections and refractions that occurred when the light hit it attract many people. As Tureks, we are processing onyx under the name of Turkish Onyx.
  • Afyon Sugar Marble: Afyon Sugar Marble, unique to Turkey and produced in Afyonkarahisar, is an indispensable item of decoration. This translucent marble with golden yellow veins is in high demand.
  • Black Marble: It is a marble type in black and extracted in Turkey. It has white veins. It can be used for many different purposes.
  • Waterjet Marble: Marble types cut and shaped by water jet are called waterjet marble. This cutting method is applied especially to marble types preferred in tiles. 
  • Honed Marble: It is a type of opaque marble. The marbles extracted from the quarries are not polished after the cutting process and are subjected to honing to have an opaque appearance. Our collection includes Honed Marble in various names such as Skyline, Diana Royal, Aspen White, Snow White, Frost White, Fantasy White, and Royal Cream.
  • Gray Marble: With its gray texture and white veins, it is indispensable for classical decoration.
  • Mosaic Marble: You can find mosaic marble produced from tiny marble pieces and intended for decoration purposes under the name of Aqua Forte and Penny Round in the product range of Tureks.

When it comes to marble, there is only one brand to consider: Tureks

Tureks continues its production in Afyonkarahisar, the capital of marble, since 1982. The company manufactures in its mines various products in different colors, including Afyon White Marble, Afyon Sugar Marble, Diana Royal Marble, and Muğla Marble. Tureks realizes great projects and supplies its products to many markets such as the USA, Middle East, and Europe. Tureks contributes to the economy of our country by adding value to the marble mine that is the source of the company’s production. Tureks accounts for the majority of world marble production and contributes to the brand value of our country while it paves the way towards a successful future. The company adorns floors, walls, bathrooms, and kitchens with the elegance of Turkish Marble thanks to its products in many different types.