Diana Royal Tumbled & Antiqued Turkish Marble

Diana Royal Tumbled & Antiqued Turkish Marble is a beige marble with rustic finish.  Small sizes like 4×4 and 3×6 is available tumbled stone and large sizes like 12×12 and larger are available in antiqued finish. Tumbled marble is perfect for non slippery tile requirements like pool decks and pavers.

Marble is a metamorphic stone with a timeless and legendary history as a flooring, wall covering, paving material and sculptural medium. Think for a moment of the Taj Mahal, the Statue of a David, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and perhaps your local courthouse or government center. Then, you have thought of but a tiny sample of the cultural and utilitarian impact that marble has had on human civilization for centuries.


Usage information's may vary by product.

Bath Floors/walls

Comm. Interior Floor

Comm. Interior Walls

Res. Interior Floors

Res. Interior Walls