Full Grain Stone Tiles

Full Grain Stone Tiles, the legendary application of open spaces… the exact synonym of ‘practical’. The choice of those who want to reflect perfection in their bathrooms and open terrace floors. We have modernized this unique product with the passion of marble from the past and adapted it for you. You can find the simplest and most natural form of marble look in this stone. Look at this model of marble that is preferred and protects itself in every period of life.

Grey marble selections are one of the most popular marble types in the projects in these days. Tundra Grey Marbles are mostly used as main application material for flooring but also it can be used as wall covering material for exterior applications. Grey marbles are highly appreciated by architects because Grey tones can work with other decoration products easily. It works in harmony with marble types in white, brown and cream tones. Full Grain Stone Tiles is quarried from many marble quarries in Turkey and it is processed in factories and prepared as polished slab and tile material.