Ledger Stone

With its layered pattern, the Ledger Stone collection is an enjoyable natural stone collection that will add a three-dimensional look to any wall design. Available in three timeless shades of the popular Diana Royal, Avalon, and simple black marble, the natural surface highlights any wall. This collection is a great choice for an eye-catching wall design or a fireplace.

Ledger stones take the form of an inscribed stone slab, usually laid into the floor of a church to commemorate or mark the place of the burial of an important deceased person. Ledger stones may also be found as slabs forming the tops of chest tombs. An inscription is usually incised into the stone within a ledger line running around the edge of the stone. Such inscription may continue within the central area of the stone, which may be decorated with relief-sculpted or incised coats of arms, or other appropriate decorative items such as skulls, hour-glasses, etc. Stones with inset brasses first appeared in the 13th century.


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