Atelier Mosaic

From classics like basketweave, quilting stars and outlined bricks to mid-century [...]

Bosphorus Limestone

Bosphorus Limestone is a cool gray limestone.  Bosphorus Limestone blocks are medium [...]

Britannia Limestone

Britannia Limestone is a light gray colored stone with a consistent background and a [...]

Casablanca Limestone

Casablanca Limestone is quarried near Afyon Turkey. This limestone quarry produces [...]

Champagne Limestone

Champagne Limestone is one of the most consistent limestone available in the World. [...]

Chester Plaid Marble

Chester plaid marble embodies the magnificent harmony of the plaid pattern. It is [...]

Diana Royal Tumbled & Antiqued Marble

Diana Royal Tumbled & Antiqued Turkish Marble is a beige marble with rustic [...]

Dimensions Waterjet Marble

Dimensions Waterjet Marble is available in a variety of shapes like arabesque, [...]

Full Grain Stone Tiles

Full Grain Stone Tiles, the legendary application of open spaces... the exact [...]

Olive Green Limestone Tile

Tureks Olive Green Limestone Tile Collection blends the clean lines and modularity [...]

Seashell Limestone Tile

The Tureks Seashell Limestone Tile Collection includes a combination of refined [...]

Skyline Polished Marble

Tureks Skyline Polished Marble Collection represents variety of shades from milky [...]

Snow White Honed Marble

The Tureks Snow White Honed Marble Collection transcends time. The combination of a [...]

Studio Decorative Mosaics Collection

Yes, we call them Studio Mosaic Tile but in truth, each of these truly irresistible [...]

Talya Water Jet Collection

The Talya Collection is a beautiful, lyrical mix of water jet designs that are at [...]

Limestone slabs are beige colored slabs presented to you by Tureks marble. Our factory can produce different sizes slabs and different thicknesses as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm regarding to your projects requirements. Common slabs thicknesses are 2cm and 3cm.